Investing in a pension is one of the most tax efficient methods of saving for retirement and for most of us a pension will be a key component for achieving financial freedom.

In our experience, younger clients who are looking to accumulate pension capital will often require arrangements offering flexible contribution options, a good choice of investments and online access.

A key consideration when making retirement savings and accruing a suitable retirement fund, is value for money. As part of our advice process we can compare the costs and charges of your existing arrangements to the open market and advise accordingly. The table opposite illustrates the range of charges levied by pension providers.

Just having a pension without knowing how much to contribute is unlikely to provide the retirement income you want. We guide our clients to financial freedom by modelling retirement scenarios using cash flow forecasting software, this enables us to advise on appropriate contribution rates both at outset and in the years to come.

Forecasting the future accurately is impossible, every journey has unexpected twists and turns and your circumstances are bound to change as new opportunities and challenges appear. It may take longer to reach your financial freedom point than originally estimated or it may happen sooner than anticipated. Our ongoing annual review service is designed to keep your plans on track; knowing where you are in relation to where you want to be.

Ongoing review meetings may reveal additional advice needs. This may include taking advantage of new tax planning avenues or adjusting commitments to achieve financial freedom at your chosen age.

As you near retirement your approach to investment may change (frequently capital preservation as opposed to total return becomes more important) and the type of arrangements you require may need to be more sophisticated.

The choices you make at retirement will affect the way you live the rest of your life, and with luck, this could be thirty to forty years. Whilst it would be ideal to have an inflation-linked pension, paying enough each month to provide for the lifestyle you want, life is rarely like this and compromises need to be made.

At Black Swan Financial Management we will guide you through your retirement income choices, explaining the merits of each and putting monetary values on the relevant options. By taking this approach to retirement planning you can be confident you are making the right choices.


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